As for Paris or New York, we find all types of accommodation and for all budgets. You may often hear friends say that in New York, you cannot sleep for less than $ 100 a night per person. And many think it's the same for London. It's completely wrong! Simply, just search for a cheap hotel.

Hostel in London

Ideal for a small budget, hostels are accessible especially for students. Count on average between 10 € and 40 € the night in dormitory. For a clean, safe and reasonably well-equipped hostel, you can count around € 25 / € 30. A reservation in advance will allow you to benefit from interesting prices. Hostel prices are quite high compared to cities like New York or Los Angeles.

Hotel in London

This is the solution for which we have opted. We were two and wanted to discover London and its suburbs. It is natural that we have booked a hotel in the suburbs (zone 5), it is much cheaper than in central London. So we were at the Croydon Court Hotel where we paid £ 40 per room. For this price, we had:
  • Breakfast
  • TV
  • Unlimited WiFi in common areas
Seeing the pictures of the hotel on the internet, we expected something very good, but nothing exceptional on arrival. The hotel was ok but no more for a 3 star ... As for the reception, it is hard to understand what they say, and they have a strong accent (not British). The sound insulation is not great, when we are in the rooms; we hear the floor of the corridor creak. Otherwise everything else was generally correct. Location: the hotel is in zone 5 south of London, in the city of Croydon. Between the metro station and the hotel, we could either walk for 15/20 minutes or take a bus in 5 minutes. At the metro station, you have about a bus every 4/5 minutes during the day! It is a city populated by a very cosmopolitan population where people are open and come to help themselves if they see that you are struggling to locate a place etc ... If you are looking for a hotel in London take it early enough to take advantage of promotions and discounted rates.