Spend Your Summer in St Tropez: The Best Villas for Rent

There are few places in the world more synonymous with luxury and glamour than St Tropez. A playground for the rich and famous, this chic French Riviera town has long been a hotspot for A-listers and jet-setters alike. If you’re…

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Villa in Saint Tropez

Luxury Living in the French Riviera: Villa Rentals in Saint Tropez

St Tropez on the French Riviera has long been a destination for the rich and famous and it’s easy to see why. The stunning scenery, beautiful beaches and luxurious lifestyle make it the perfect place to escape the hustle and…

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Real Estate CRM

Real Estate CRM: Everything you need to know

Are you planning to be a real estate agent or broker? A tool will make your work much easier if you use it. Real estate CRM is a unique tool that will help in this diverse industry. The tool enables…

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Renting your house during the holidays: how does it work?

Sub-renting your apartment or renting your home throughout the holidays is an effective strategy, on the one hand to ensure his own stays and on the other hand to obtain a sum of money complementary. If you are interested in…

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Buy or invest in new real estate

There are reasons to choose to invest in the new. If you buy a new property, you can rent it later to supplement the income … You benefit from the surplus value in case of resale. Visit and learn…

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Use a real estate “hunter” to find a property in Paris

We all know that looking for a property (apartment or house) in the French capital is not easy at all. Therefore, there is a solution that could be effective, use the services of a real estate hunter. How it works…

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How to build a basement to enlarge your house?

Certainly, the real estate development of the basement of your house increases its size and creates one or more additional rooms. However, to benefit from a healthy and comfortable space, rules and checks deserve to be respected and verified, respectively….

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Home insurance: compare and get a free quote!

Looking for the best home insurance? Read this article! Certainly, the constitution of the estimate is the essential step to obtain the best result, this quote which summarizes the benefits …; however, there are simple ways to get some and…

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Study in France: what are the prices for small flats in the cities?

Finding accommodation in the run-up to the academic year is an imperative for future students. They have to anticipate, estimate a price base to appreciate real estate ads. In this context, what about student rents in the main French university…

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Reasons to trust a real estate agency to sell your home

Do not forget that the services of a real estate agency give you several advantages. Know that an agency, is the professional, the best placed to know the market situation and the regulation that governs the real estate agent. Thanks…

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