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Renting your house during the holidays: how does it work?

Sub-renting your apartment or renting your home throughout the holidays is an effective strategy, on the one hand to ensure his own stays and on the other hand to obtain a sum of money complementary. If you are interested in…

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Foreign investment in UK residential real estate

Over the past five years, the UK housing market has been closely monitored by the media and the wider political spectrum. The response of recent governments to these developments has been to put in place a plethora of measures. Now,…

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In which countries to invest in real estate?

Investing in real estate is a lucrative investment. Many French people today choose to make a place in the sun beyond the borders. Before you try your luck, discover here the top 10 countries favorable to real estate investments. Dubai…

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Student accommodation in London

With a wide range of possibilities such as university residences, private housing, roommates and homestays, students looking for accommodation in London will be spoiled for choice. In addition to websites that list thousands of offers, you can also set your…

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How to build a basement to enlarge your house?

Certainly, the real estate development of the basement of your house increases its size and creates one or more additional rooms. However, to benefit from a healthy and comfortable space, rules and checks deserve to be respected and verified, respectively….

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Home insurance: compare and get a free quote!

Looking for the best home insurance? Read this article! Certainly, the constitution of the estimate is the essential step to obtain the best result, this quote which summarizes the benefits …; however, there are simple ways to get some and…

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