Real estate for beginners

Buy or invest in new real estate

There are reasons to choose to invest in the new. If you buy a new property, you can rent it later to supplement the income … You benefit from the surplus value in case of resale. Visit and learn…

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Buying a property in England

Buying a home is a huge financial commitment and can be daunting – especially if you’re a first-time buyer. Use our timeline to find out more about the steps to buying a home, including the process, key stages and what…

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Sell in England

The prospect of selling your home can be daunting – all the more so if you are looking for another property to buy at the same time. The decisions you make along the way could save you – or cost…

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Real estate property rights in England

It is necessary to make the difference between the FREEHOLD ESTATE which corresponds to the free and perpetual property and the LEASEHOLD ESTATE which corresponds to the free but temporary property. The Freehold Estate There are several types of Freehold…

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Reasons to trust a real estate agency to sell your home

Do not forget that the services of a real estate agency give you several advantages. Know that an agency, is the professional, the best placed to know the market situation and the regulation that governs the real estate agent. Thanks…

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Real estate appraisal: evaluate the price of your property!

The evaluation of the right price of your property, is a decisive element, a key step in the realization and success of your real estate project. It requires estimating a house, an apartment … not to mention the estimate of…

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