If London remains attracting many young people every year for studies, internships, or travel, it is nonetheless a very expensive city. Finding accommodation can be both difficult and stressful. In this article, we will give you advice on finding accommodation in London.

London accommodation: how to find it?

Whether you are a student, trainee, traveling or summer job, looking for a home remains one of the most important steps among many before leaving for an internship in England. While some adventurous students may prefer to find a place to stay, it's best to do it early to avoid unnecessary stress on arrival, knowing you'll have other concerns. Besides, you can imagine that you are not the only student to go to London. As a result, requests remain very numerous. As you have already heard, the more you will do in advance, and the more likely you are to find something that meets your expectations for surface, location and price.

Find student accommodation in London

Since it is not necessarily obvious to look in the right place and find a home, here is a small list of techniques / solutions that can be used to accommodate you during your stay, whether long or short:


Even if the idea seems unattractive at first, renting a hotel room remains a solution like any other, and that will do the trick. She can also help you on the beginning of your arrival, if you did not find accommodation before your departure. For example, with the hotel group Easy Hotel (belonging to EasyJet), you can book a room from 31 € per night, or just under 1000 € per month. It is therefore the same price as for a university room. Know anyway that this solution is preferred in the short term, waiting to find a more affordable housing.

Host families

If you are more of a kind to love contact with the locals, then you can opt for homestay accommodation. Know that this practice is done in England and that families are very fond of this type of exchange. They will be happy to welcome you, and you may feel less alone, especially since you will be far from your family. The Homestay site is one of the best in terms of multi-criteria research.

The apartments or studios

In case you really prefer to be alone, to have your little one quietly at home, and that money is not a real obstacle for you, renting an apartment or a studio may be the best solution for you. Be careful not to fall on unscrupulous ads. For this, you have to go through real estate agencies, and make sure that they are part of one of the following three associations: arla, nalscheme or naea.

Betting on the roommate in London

One of the ways to find quickly and easily his little nest is to go to sites of classifieds as we could find it at home with the site of Le Bon Coin for example. Very practical, they allow you to put you in relation with many offers for all budgets. A must-visit site very often used by students is the Gumtree.com website. Also, know that colocation is the most preferred way for students, many sites such as Weroom, allow you to easily find many offers on the capital of England. But also Facebook groups such as The Circle of the French in London or Good student abroad have thousands of members ready to help you in your questions and research.