It's (still) the time to invest in real estate in the United States ... Yes, we want, but where? After the housing crisis of 2007, the US market has evolved rapidly and offers new opportunities, often off the beaten path.

The variety of the US real estate market

According to American Homes For Rent, there are 133 million homes in the United States in a price range of 10,000 to several tens of millions of dollars. Make your choice !

Price transparency

Zillow, realtor, Trulia, or Redfin ... There are countless specialized real estate sites that give objective and independent estimates of properties on the market. Everything is transparent and framed. The valuation of homes is done according to specific criteria and leaves little room for fancy prices.

The protection of the owner in the United States

Here, not only does the law fully guarantee the right of ownership and the prerogatives attached to it, but the "American" owner enjoys a more favorable status than his French counterpart (right to expel the tenant who does not pay in particular) .

How to choose cities to invest?

The climate

It may seem obvious, but people prefer to live in the sun and dry. The houses also because the buildings are damaged in fact faster when the precipitation rate is high or when it snows 8.5 months out of 12.

Economic dynamism

To maximize your investment, it is important to choose a city that has a large and diversified economic activity and a regular migratory flow. Who would want to invest in a city that depopulates itself? People want to live in a city that has modern infrastructure, an effective security policy, a dynamic and growing economic fabric, and they want to pay a reasonable amount of tax ...

Rental request

The other sign of a dynamic city is the constancy of rental demand. If everyone needs housing, a lot of people do not have access to the property and the rental market is the only one open to them. However, if real estate prices are too high, the rental investment will be unprofitable. We must find cities where real estate prices are affordable, it's good, here are a few.