There are reasons to choose to invest in the new. If you buy a new property, you can rent it later to supplement the income ... You benefit from the surplus value in case of resale. Visit and learn more about apartments for sale in the UK. What are the reasons to buy new and invest in new real estate?

The benefits of buying in new

Investment in new real estate is part of public policies, to benefit from an incentive tax system, a financing facility. In terms of construction, it is profiling a property that meets quality standards. If you plan to acquire a principal residence and you do not have adequate financing to get started, given the amount of the cap. There are advantages; the qualities of the new (standards ...) add up the legal criteria incentives to develop real estate. In the area of ​​taxation, investing in new properties can benefit from a reduction in transfer taxes, which can reach 3% of the price. Your peace of mind is assured considering the application of quality standards and the possibility of not undertaking renovations in the short or medium term! It should be noted that condominium fees are affordable for the case of an apartment. Please note that they are included in current operating expenses and as exceptional charges to finance one-off expenses.

Reasons to invest in new real estate.

Taking into account the possibilities of tax exemption, the rental investment is interesting. If you buy to rent your property, the device "Pinel Law" gives access to consequent reductions of taxes. For remark, this device applies in the case of a new purchase, rented in a very populated area. First, it should be noted that tax exemption remains the prime objective of real estate investment. Then, the second reason to invest is to choose the real estate investment in order to obtain the best returns. All that said, investing in rental generates another advantage, that of acquiring a wealth to prepare for retirement and support his family!