Certainly, the real estate development of the basement of your house increases its size and creates one or more additional rooms. However, to benefit from a healthy and comfortable space, rules and checks deserve to be respected and verified, respectively. If you check this article, you will find more information on these points!

Subsoil development: the rules to apply

First of all, it is advisable to read the health regulations at your city hall or the real estate professional. This so that your basement can be used for housing purposes. The questions that affect the safety, the height of the sub-ceiling, humidity and sanitation are particularly subject to these regulations, Then you do not consider the development of your basement real estate as a rental investment. The regulations are strict; the health code states that the latter is not suitable for housing and therefore for renting. The regulations mention that in order to be rented, your basement must be provided with openings on the outside. If it is too low and without windows, it can not be rented. All that said, it must be said that in case of resale of your home including the basement, you must inform the professional real estate the number of square meters of rooms in the basement, under Carrez law . This law requires the seller of a fraction of the lot to specify the private area in the sales records. When it comes to the tax administration, the fact of not specifying the size of the basement is advantageous because the surface of your housing remains the same and your property tax is not subject to any increase. In this case, your development has no impact on the value of your property tax.

The specificities that your basement must have

This real estate development will only be realistic if the basement has a sufficient height, at least 2.40 meters, to avoid possible choking! If possible, you make sure that the basement has a source of natural light. Remember to build a staircase to connect the basement to the rest of the house. Study its position so that it determines the layout of the basement, especially if it hosts several rooms!