Sub-renting your apartment or renting your home throughout the holidays is an effective strategy, on the one hand to ensure his own stays and on the other hand to obtain a sum of money complementary. If you are interested in renting an apartment, visit and learn more about it. What are the risks involved and the rules to be respected? Read this article for more information.

The rules to respect!

First, you must notify your insurer before renting your property during the holidays. This rule is absolutely mandatory, regardless of your status, owner or tenant. Regarding the first status, in case your tenant sublets your home. It is your obligation to check that your home multi-risk insurance, you guaranteed to different risks. Otherwise, you must subscribe to the warranty extensions. For the second status, you must inform your insurer that your insurance policy covers you for any claims during the sublease period. Then, according to the law in force on the tourism code, a contract will have to be signed by the two stakeholders. Such contract must include the dates and duration of the lease, the corresponding price, the address of the rented house ... All that said, it is also the obligation of the lessor to inform the tenant on a description of the lease. This practice requires a complete inventory, signed by both sides, not to mention the declarations of rents to the tax authorities.

The risks of subletting without authorization

In legal matters, do not forget that the fact of subletting your apartment or house without the approval of your landlord is an illegal practice that may lead to severe penalties, such as the termination of your lease. Therefore, rules must be followed and respected!