Finding accommodation in the run-up to the academic year is an imperative for future students. They have to anticipate, estimate a price base to appreciate real estate ads. In this context, what about student rents in the main French university cities, how to define your housing budget?

Student rents: differences on French territory

To make a budget rent is difficult because of the important disparities in the French territory. Based on the average rent of a studio with a surface area of ​​20 m2, a difference is remarkable in the 20 main university cities of France. Here are some examples on this point. For example, in Saint-Etienne, the square meter is valued at 7.7 euros, that is to say 154 Euros 20 m2, Studying in the capital causes excessive housing costs, to live and study in Paris, he you need a budget of 508 euros for 20 m2. This must be taken into account before making a decision to study at a university in Paris. In Nice, the square meter is valued at 15.9 Euros, if you plan to continue your studies in Montpellier, you need a solid budget of 276 Euros to live in a housing of 20 m2. Here are the cities where rents are most affordable, Lille, Reims, Strasbourg, Rennes, Nantes, Lyon, Grenoble, Marseille and Toulouse where the rent is between 12 and 14 euros per square meter. What constitutes a monthly rent between 230 and 274 euro for the 20 m2. You will be more lucky if you study in Brest, Rouan, Toulon, Clermont, Besançon, Poitiers; you will only pay between 172 and 236 euros for the 20 m2.

What to do to define your housing budget?

We must not forget that rent is a burden, not to mention bills for water and energy, insurance and housing tax. To define your housing budget, you must take into account all these data. With this in mind, the APL or the Personalized Housing Assistance is a public service, intended to reduce the amount of your rent of your house under certain conditions and according to your personal situation. As regards the family allowance fund or CAF, it is the family branch of the French social security system and is responsible for paying individuals social and family assistance, defined by the law in force.