Real estate today works particularly well in Miami. This city attracts a lot of foreign investors. It must be said that it is particularly dynamic especially in technology, fashion, art or education. It is good to live in this sunny southern US city for retirement or to spend the winter. What are the trends for the Miami real estate market? And what are the advantages of this city for new investors?

Invest in real estate in Miami, a rising trend

Moving to Florida has become in a few years the trend to follow. The city has been energized to be very buoyant in many areas today. Art is very present. You can find art galleries, but also a variety of architectural styles in the city. New Art Deco buildings have recently appeared in the city. Real estate agencies necessarily recommend the South Beach area to make a real estate investment in Miami. Profitability is particularly interesting in the field of tourism. It's a safe bet! The field of finance has become very dynamic in the Downtown district. If you are looking for a real estate investment to house entrepreneurs, the real estate agency takes you to visit this neighborhood. It has nearly 23,000 new homes. You want to make a real estate investment in Miami for you. Your goal is to find a quiet, residential neighborhood where you can rest. The estate agency then turns to Bal Harbor or Sunny Isles. They are located in North Miami. Many shopping centers are nearby. The atmosphere is quieter than in the center and the neighborhoods are mostly residential. These places are perfect for coming happy days. Once installed, this is an opportunity to go on a trip around. In the end, Miami offers solutions for every investor. You just have to target your needs before knocking on the door of a real estate agency. Indeed, the latter needs to know precisely your search criteria to find you the ideal good. If your idea is not clear, the real estate agent will not be able to find you a suitable property. It is therefore imperative to know his criteria perfectly before starting.

Miami and real estate investment: the benefits

If you want to make a real estate investment, this is the ideal city. Miami is a tropical paradise for tourists from all over the world. Many foreigners come to rest during the holidays to discover a sweet and lively American atmosphere. And for good reason, the sun is present 365 days a year. The rental is strongly recommended by agencies. In addition, you should know that in the United States, you are not obliged to be present at the time of your purchase. In concrete terms, you can issue a power of attorney to your real estate agency and more specifically to your agent who can carry out the real estate transaction for you. The procedure is therefore particularly simplified for buyers. Taxation is also particularly interesting for foreigners. In Florida, there is no personal income tax levy. In real estate investing in Miami, you must pay the Property Tax. It is equivalent to about 18% of the price of your real estate purchase in Miami. Do not hesitate to ask for clarification from your real estate agency. Most buyers make real estate purchases through a corporation to get a deduction for many expenses (travel, condo fees). The benefits are many in Miami to settle there.